Discovering Mugello and Itineraries

Around San Piero e Scarperia

Below you can find some interesting informations and useful suggestions on what to do and what to see in Mugello.

The ancient church of Sant’Agata. It is located in the municipality of Scarperia and San Piero and it represents a true jewel of Romanesque art. For an interesting explanation of the village of Sant’Agata and the Pieve, please follow this link.

Borgo San Lorenzo. It is the largest town in Mugello. Here you can admire the Pieve di San Lorenzo or the Renaissance Villa Pecori Giraldi, house of the Museo della manifattura Chini. For further details, please visit:

  • Bilancino Lake, an artificial lake with bathing facilities and beaches, where you can relax and try your hand at sporting activities such as canoeing, wind surfing… The lake is located in the natural setting of the Oasi di Gabbianello, a WWF oasis where you can admire a wide variety of birds and enjoy educational activities for all ages.

Mugello is all this and much more! It is a geographical area that includes numerous municipalities and offers many different attractions.

We are at your complete disposal to suggest routes and itineraries to suit your needs and interests.

Footpaths, horse riding, mountain biking and much more...

You can find all the useful information, descriptions of the itineraries, GPS tracks and suggestions by visiting the official Mugello munipalities’s website, in the nature section.

Trekking “Gli anelli dell’Infinito” (“Infinite rings”). Two itineraries, starting from San Piero a Sieve, to spend two days relaxing between nature and history. For more details on the two routes please visit, or simply download the pdf file with directions at the following link.